Festimus Finds A Fancy


Some stories are true, and some stories are just stories, or are they?
This is a story of the Farquar family. What you are about to read could be true, or is it just a story?

The really good children books are the ones parents, grandparents and other adults enjoy as much as the children. This is definitely one of those books.

After you’ve read the book, return to this page and answer the question below.

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The story of the Farquar Family was originally a story Jim created for his grandchildren. But they enjoyed the story so much that they encouraged their grandfather, affectionately called G-Daddy to turn his story into a book.
Now it’s your turn to read about Festimus and the Farquar family and decide for yourself.


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What were the Farquars? Animal? Human? Something else? The Bible and other books speak of animals talking, transporting people, even swallowing people. For whatever it’s worth I believe my plants, and birds, talk to me. What do you think? I also think I met Faithe. He wasn’t a frog but interestingly the stories were similar. I bet you have too. What are the morals to this story? You tell me!Back to product
asked by hostgator on 2021-09-22 15:58:31

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